About Us

Van Holten Elementary School first opened its doors in September, 1964, to over 800 students. Built to accommodate the population boom in Bridgewater, Van Holten has continued its reputation for academic excellence throughout the years.

Since 1964, Van Holten has gone through many changes. A new wing of classrooms was added, as well as a new gymnasium in conjunction with the new school configuration of one of the largest school districts in central New Jersey. Recent changes have pushed Van Holten to the cutting edge of technology. Every classroom has a smartboard and access to chromebooks that allows teachers to seamlessly integrate technology into their daily lessons. Our current computer lab continues to enhance students' technology skills as well as supports classroom curriculum and instruction.

Although many changes have occurred, Van Holten has maintained consistent leadership. Since its opening over 50 years ago, Van Holten has had only four principals: Teresa Kelly, from 1964 to 1975, Ernest Shuba from 1975 to 2006, Robert Phillips from 2006 to 2008, and George Rauh from 2008 to present. This consistency has created many traditions celebrated by the community. Together, the teachers and parents form a partnership to make the students' years at Van Holten a valuable and memorable experience.