Healthy habits were absorbed by all schools during District Wellness Week

Healthy habits were absorbed by all schools during District Wellness Week

A week promoting good health resulted in a good week in the Bridgewater-Raritan Regional School District.

The District Wellness Week, which kicked off on Monday March 18, came to a successful close on Friday, March 22.

All 11 schools in the Bridgewater-Raritan Regional School District  soaked in a productive amount of knowledge along the lines of good health through various and informative methods.

According to Dave Guglietti, who is the school district’s Supervisor of Health and Physical Education, videos that focused on motivation, wellness, nutrition, resilience and healthy habits were played all week while motivational quotes to start each school day were yet another reminder to the scholars on how to be smart when it pertains to their health.

 Mr. Guglietti served as the District Wellness Coordinator and he received valuable contributions to prepare for the week from the District Wellness Committee that was created earlier this school year.

Along with Mr. Guglietti, the team was comprised of Dan Hemberger, the Principal of Bridgewater-Raritan High School; Lisa Lattarulo, the Supervisor of Counseling and Wellness K-8; Adam Pyle, a Physical Education Teacher and cross-country and track and field coach at the high school; and Tim Teeling, the Director of Maschio’s Food Services.

According to Ms. Lattarulo, students at the high school and middle school received education on healthy relationships and risks associated with vaping. Tables with information and resources were set up during lunch hours. 

Also students wore their school colors during School Spirit Day that was celebrated to cap the week on Friday. Another healthy exercise on the final day occurred at the Bridgewater- Raritan Middle School where the students performed a Wellness Walk during their Physical Education classes.

 "It was incredible to see such great collaboration across the district,” Mr. Guglietti stated. “Every school participated in Wellness Week activities, which shows how important we all feel about the overall wellness of our student population."