A spectacular show was presented by the worldly Van Holten 2nd Graders

A spectacular show was presented by the worldly Van Holten 2nd Graders

The 2nd Grade students at the Van Holten Primary School are educated on world-knowledge.

Under their passionate and dedicated Van Holten instructors' guidance, these 2nd Graders put on a show to share their worldly education.

The 2nd Grade Multi-Cultural Festival was presented twice in Van Holten’s gymnasium on Wednesday, May 1.

The morning affair was delivered to the entire student body and staff students, and the afternoon matinee performance was presented for the families and fields.

This spectacular performance featured the 2nd Graders reciting and signing about various countries' cultures worldwide.

And this show capped a unit of study that these students successfully completed–as evidenced by their production in the school’s gymnasium.

Kelly Kokotajlo, one of the six devoted teachers of these 2nd Graders, explained the process that resulted in the festival.

“Over the last two months, the 2nd Graders at Van Holten have learned about their own family cultures. They learned that New Jersey is a very diverse state filled with people from all over the world,” Ms. Kokotajlo said. “They "traveled" to different countries to learn about their customs, traditions, currency, and food. The culminating event was a cultural concert that included songs that showcased the ideas of being a kind global citizen and embracing the differences and unique characteristics of one  another.”

The other 2nd Grade Teachers who all coordinated with Ms. Kokotajlo to produce this fantastic festival are Christy Baker, Jill Cenzano, Alisa D’Ascensio, Kristin Laine, and Rebecca Massa.

The highly entertained audience during the morning show featured school district administrators, including Annemarie Mattia, the Director of Elementary Education, and Sarah Wolf, the Supervisor of Science and Social Studies for Grades K-5, as well as Jennifer Loughran, the Vice President of the Board of Education.

Van Holten Principal George Rauh also enjoyed the show.

“Our  2nd Graders shared various aspects of different cultures worldwide while reminding us we are all still one world,” Principal Rauh said. “Each of us must make our world a better place. New Jersey is a great place to live because of its diversity and the experiences it provides to enhance our lives.”