Fourth graders march through hallways to show off their floats in Thanksgiving Parade

The famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade was beaten to the holiday table by the Van Holten Primary School.

The fourth grade students marched in their second annual Van Holten Thanksgiving Parade throughout the entire school hallways where they pulled the floats that they constructed during their classes.

Their festive parade drew the applause and enjoyment of their fellow students and the school staff on Wednesday, November 23.

Fourth grade teachers Paige Kemmann and Courtney Kinnevy devised this holiday idea a year ago.

“We wanted the kids to create and work on as a group during the holidays,”  Ms. Kemmann said.

She went on to explain why a parade.

“A parade because of Macy’s and we read the book about the parade, ‘Balloons over Broadway,’ “ Ms. Kemmann revealed. “ We read about how the floats were created and the kids then planned and built their own floats with the help of their teachers.”

The first Van Holten Thanksgiving Parade last year was just a procession held through the hallway of the fourth grade classes.

This November, Ms. Kemmann reported, “the whole school was able to watch our parade.”

Among the crowd lined up on the walls throughout the hallways was Van Holten Principal George Rauh.

“The students created the floats based on themes,” Principal Rauh said. “Students learned about cultures and immigration  and then created their floats.”