High school students share learning and business skills at Van Holten

High school students share learning and business skills at Van Holten

Van Holten Primary School students were educated on business—and their future.

On Friday, 36 Bridgewater-Raritan High School students visited Van Holten as part of the Junior Achievement (JA) Program.

The JA High School Hero volunteers shared their personal and professional experiences and skills with students, helping students make the connection between what they are learning in school and what they will need to succeed in work educating young people by building work-readiness, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship skills helping to build stronger communities.
The students impacted 13 classrooms in Grades 1 through 4.

Their visit—and recommendations and advice—were greatly appreciated by the Van Holten staff.
“The high school hero volunteer(s) were effective at interacting with my students. The students loved creating a business and the hot dog game,’’’ said Danielle Powell, a 4th Grade Teacher. ‘’Vocabulary cards with definitions and pictures and or examples displayed were great.” 

“My students loved learning from high school students and seeing that the same concepts that we are learning about in second grade apply for their lifetime,’’ revealed Christy Baxter, a 2nd Grade Teacher.
“My high school volunteers did a fabulous job of incorporating social-emotional learning into business and entrepreneurship.  The activities were fun and engaging and motivated my student’s interest in business,’’ Courtney DeRosa, a 4th Grade Teacher, revealed. They were amazing this year!’’

 Everyone agreed that the JA Program has boundless possibilities for a new generation, making them more successful in school, work, and life! 

A thank you to all–high school students and Van Holten staff and students–for making this a special day of learning.