Iconic Bridgewater Halloween tradition is shared with students at Van Holten

Bridgewater resident Jim Adams is in the landscaping business as a profession.

But it is his crafts on the front lawn of his home when he is not working hat has resulted in his displays to be an iconic tradition during the Halloween season in the community.

Jim and his wife, Joann Adams, created the buzz on the front lawn of their residence that is located on Route 202/206 when, in 2005, they began an exhibit of skeletons to celebrate Halloween.

“Our Love of Halloween got us started,” Jim recalled, when in 2005, during the Halloween season, the family decided to expand on their decorations of stacking pumpkins with the addition of skeletons.

Eventually, the skeletons grew to as many as 20 being placed on their front lawn, but Jim and Joann realized that that was too many so they trimmed down the boney creatures to a familiar Halloween number—13.

“Thirteen is an unlucky number, so it’s very Halloween,” Jim explained. “With 20, it was like a blur when you drove by our house.”

He and his wife and one of their two children, Sarah, were on hand on the day after Halloween, November 1, in front of the third and fourth grade students at the Van Holten Primary School in Bridgewater to present their locally famous Halloween displays and to discuss their book, “Circus of the Night.”

Van Holten Librarian, Meghan Kipila, sent out the invite to the Adams family—a name that does go well with Halloween.

“I am a resident of Bridgewater and my girls had visited the house,” Ms. Kipila said. “It was a great connection to have them come in and also celebrate their book.”

Jim explained that they move the skeletons around and place them in various positions because he said that “they have their own personalities.”

The Adams family each autumn season will present a different theme to show off their scary friends on the front lawn.

Joann reported that they will go along with current events such as during an election year, the front yard featured a replica of the White House.

Another year, Joann revealed, the front lawn displayed a floating body on a seesaw plank, a scene that resembled their book, ``Circus of the Night.”

And often, Jim declared one display will lead into another.

The White House exhibit launched the Adams family to construct an entire town, which they built last year. Their spooky town included a jail and a theater.

The couple, who presented a video display during the assembly, also pointed out their visits on screen to local flea markets where they purchase their building materials.

While operating his business, Outdoor Impressions, Inc., Jim, Joann, Sarah and their son, Kyle, work all year to prepare for the display that takes center stage on their front yard in October.

Jim also took the opportunity to explain that the family is involved with charity work.

Their fundraiser was a sock drive, which was created to honor Jim’s late mother.

“My mom lived in Arizona where there are a lot of homeless and needy people,'' Jim explained. “She would go to the local store and hand out socks In her honor, we wanted to continue her legacy.”

Their goal this fall was to collect at least 150 socks, but as of early November, they blew away that number with a total of almost 1,000 socks collected.

“We want to give back to the community and will do something again next year,” Joann said.

Also in the near future there will be another book, according to Joann.

Jim impressed upon the young audience as well as the adult faculty and administrators who sat in during the assembly.

“Our Message to you all is to use your imagination and be creative.”